November 2003 We got a new pup this month, a Golden Retriever. His name is Bodhi. And he's a real keeper. So precious! DECEMBER Bodhi met the llamas this week. He was very hesitant. His little nose touched Bandit's nose. She's been watching him from a distance for a week now. He thought to himself "now here's a reeeeelly big doggie". :o) It's new years eve today and I look back on the year in deep reflection. So many wonderful people have come and gone from our cabin this year. We leave 2003 with great gratitude and look forward to all the new faces we meet in 2004. We wish all of you who have stayed with us the very best of everything for the new year, and those of you who will be coming in the year 2004, we are looking forward to meeting you and serving your needs. love Sharon and Tyler
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Read the Farm News by Year

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