Barn is finally finished. The barn kids just love their new section of the barn. It's so magnificent, they like to just hang out under the overhang. And it's so much easier for guests to visit with them. We love it!

APRIL 2004
The first sign of spring to me are the beautiful forsythias. The yellow bursts of golden yellow bushes are all over the mountains right now. It's always like a fairy land to me.

The fields are getting so lush. And the animals are getting so fat! They love love love the new spring grass. They don't even want grain this time of year. And the pygmies are so playful. They are keeping the other goats from bursting with fat. They keep them moving and playing. It's hysterical to watch the big ones galump galump after the little ones as they run really fast away from them. The little one's antics are so funny they make me laugh all spring. The forsythias and the cherry tree has finished blooming and the apple trees are blooming now along with the peach trees. And the azaleas are beautiful! Everything's waking up!
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June 2004
woohoo! The lightening bugs are here. This is my most favorite event of the year. We get to watch the magic of flashing lights all over the land for the rest of the summer. I love it!

Romance on the farm this year. We had a visiting male Llama hoping that Bandit would be smitten and they would mate. Well, she wasn't. She spit on him so much he was completely turned off and wouldn't even pay attention to her after awhile. Can't blame him at all. She was absolutely rude and adament that he wasn't the one. Ok Bandit, we'll see if we can find you someone else you like.

Sent Bandit off to a friend's Llama farm to see if any of the male llamas would appeal to her there. She was there for what seemed like an eternity but really was only a few days. She turned everyone of them down. She wanted to hang out with the young ones who weren't even old enough to do what WE wanted. Finally the "old guy" came over to her. Yep! She fell like a sack of potatoes. She flirted and went down for him and they had a very romantic encounter.

Then Bandit came home. She was miserable off the farm. She hated being away from the farm and her herd. She came back and ran and ran with all of them happier than she had been for a long time. Well, now it's wait and see time. Is she bred? This was her first and it might not have taken. Gestation is 11 1/2 months and you can't really tell so we won't really know until close to the time of delivery. Ugh! What a long time of anticipation. I remember when Darlene was carrying Bandit. We thought the magic day would never come!
Our gift shop is finally built and ready for business. I just love how it came out and it's so great to be able to showcase all the art and craft work that I do. I can't wait until you see it and everything in it!

Tyler and I are really believing that Bandit is pregnant. Keep your fingers crossed. She's just acting a little different.
September 2004

Is it possible it is already apple picking time!! I just can't believe it. Where did the time fly. Time to pick apples, can them and make lucious apple dishes. There are lots for our guests to pick as well. The grapes are waning, but the new red raspberry crop is coming in. Lots to pick and yum yum. The chocolate mint is starting to take over the side bed. There must be a kazillion birds at the bird feeders. They are so fun to watch and they serenade anyone willing to listen. The hummingbirds love our farm because we don't have feeders, just real flowers and bushes for them to eat from. They are everywhere.

Oh Dear! Another hurricane moving in. Or the remainders of Jeanne after blitzing Florida. Western North Carolina is being hit hard. Many many people are suffering losses. Thank God we are safe on Cabin Cove Farm and have experienced no damages or difficulties to speak of. The barn babies are safe and secure in their barn and the new overhang. We kept vigil on them all nite. I know they were nervous, but no water from the creek could reach them. Many of our past guests have written to see how we were and to share their Florida stories. What an amazing time this is. We thank you so very much for thinking of us at a time when you need help. Our hearts on Cabin Cove Farm go out to each and every one of you who are suffering the pains of these horrible catastrophies that are taking place up and down the East coast. Take care and stay safe.
October 2004
The sights and smells are marvelous. The colors all around me are magical. Folks are first starting their wood burners and fireplaces on the cool evenings and I just love that smell. I sit on the deck and just rock feeling like I am in heaven.

November 2004
Oh my gosh! We woke up this Thanksgiving day and there are snowflakes lightly coming down! The ground is still way too warm to have it do anything at all. Just a big tease I'd say. Afterall, it was 60 just yesterday!!

December 2004
Here I am decorating the cabin for Christmas again. It seems like I just did this a month ago. Where in the world did 2004 go. We had such a busy year it just flew right by! But alas, I do love to do this. The cabin is beginning to look very festive for the season. Makes me smile.

Harvested the loofah sponges today. We had a good crop this year. They are all over the pottery studio in the cabin drying out. I guess I better finish cleaning up last years crop! :o)

Yesterday was warm and today we just woke up to a blanket of white covering the entire area. You can see white as far as the eyes can see. Oh it's just beautiful!

We take this moment to wish all our past guests and our future guests the very best of New Years. May we all find happiness, love, and grace in our lives in the year 2005. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Read the Farm News by Year

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