We keep getting teased with bad weather, snow, snow, snow, by the weatherman, but oh boy it hasn't happened yet. It's been cold at times. Winter coat, ear muff, mittens cold. Flaked a couple times. But so far, we have missed the really bad weather that is happening in the NorthEast. We still love our 60 degree days mixed in.

March 2005
Woo hoo! Spring is in the air. The animals are getting excited and out grazing a lot now. They are so loving the new grass, that sweet sweet new grass. It's so great to drive around because the new green is everywhere. The grass almost looks florescent it's so green. And the smell of the new cut grass is intoxicating. The clear skies at night with stars and the smell of a distant fireplace fire and warm enough to stand in the night in a sweater. Ahhh, I love the approach of spring.

Looks like the neighbor is no longer raising cattle and is now taking up with horses. He has five now. They are gorgeous. There was only one at first. For awhile. He was there when the cattle was. But he would stay close to the llamas. He hung out with our herd of llamas and goats right over the fence. Wherever they were, he would be. They would look for him too and they would go over to him and visit. But in just days time there became more and more horses, and finally five. Now the herd of horses comes to visit the llamas and the llamas come to visit the horses. And they all stand there majestically over the fence talking to each other. It's really quite a spectacle!
April 2005
I love the spring. Especially here in the mountains and on the farm. The weather has been gorgeous but turned a little colder today and will be for a couple of days, but I can handle that just fine seeing as cold will be officially gone in just a week or two. Today the llamas and goats ran with the horses next door. They had a fence between them. Each herd was running all over their fields today, together, as if they all wanted to just take off and run together forever. I felt like I was watching something from National Geographic. It was so beautiful my heart nearly popped out. They ran back and forth up and down the fence line, leaping, prancing, playing. The goats ran right with the llamas because they don't like to miss out on anything! The horses and the llamas communicate a lot with each other over the fence and Blossum is in love with the original horse that was there before the others. They are hysterically carrying out a love affair. They rub each other on the face and up and down their necks. We joke about if they were to get together what that would be, a llorse? a hama?

(only a joke. No, llamas and horses don't go together, that's what's so funny)

The fireflies are out and the trees are doing their twinkling dance in the night.
Bandit is not going to have the little baby (cria) we have been hoping for for 11 1/2 months. All the extra feeding she's been getting has been putting the weight on her, not being pregnant. We wanted to feed her well in case she was, and boy has she been happy about that. She feels like a queen now. She has been loving all the extra attention, I would imagine thinking all along, "oh boy, what's happening here! Aren't I special!" Maybe we'll try again next year.

I can't tell which fireworks I like more, the fireflies or the fireworks shooting up in the sky on this 4th of July. It has certainly been a show to remember. I can't believe it's July already! As I'm standing on our deck overlooking the farm and the mountains around us I hear the sounds of explosions of fireworks everywhere and it brings me to feeling as if I'm on a battlefield with soldiers fighting for rights for the rest of us. It's as if I'm transported to another time. It truly feels like Independence Day living through that image and feeling. It's really quite remarkable as the sky lights up in intervals all around me and cannon like sounds exploding with fireflies lighting up in the trees and grasses. The sky is clear with sparkling stars. I'm so overwhelmed with it all, and so grateful to all who have sacrificed to give this gift to us all, this gift of independence.

Hari has become the most beautiful pygmy goat I have ever seen. His markings are gorgeous. And now that he's a couple years old, his horns are getting huge.

The garden is looking really good now and the cukes are getting almost ready to pull. I got our first squash off the plant yesterday. That's always so exciting.

We have brought home a companion for Bodhi. Her name is Amma. She's a 9 week Boxer. What a cutie pie!!! It was love at first site. They started to play and love each other as soon as they laid eyes on each other.

This time of the year is so perfect. During the day the sun shines and the air is so comfortable, the heat of summer gone. The nites are cool and the sky is clear and crisp. The stars are so many and so bright. Sleeping with the windows open is awesome. Standing on the deck, listening to the sounds of nature and basking in the light of the stars and moon. Hmmm. Wonderful!

The cool nites are finally here on Cabin Cove Farm. We've just had the first frost. All the animals and plants are getting ready for winter. And Tyler and I are busying readying the farm and cabins for the winter. The loofah vines are shriveling up after the frost, leaving large succulent looking baseball bat size loofahs hanging gracefully. Soon they also will be drying up and we can remove them to prepare them for use, gifts, and the giftshop. Lots and lots of work to do to get the farm ready to snuggle up for the winter. Hay to bring in, ready the houses for heat and closed windows, pick the gourds and loofah sponges to dry, get the animals out in the field again and out of the barn. Goodness, you'd think they were inside animals! They don't leave the barn all summer. LOL It's nice to see who we have out there in the fields. They are so funny. They have their routine and their personalities and they know what's what. Very funny.

Last nite was a full moon in a clear clear sky. Oh it was gorgeous, coming up over the hill. It always takes my breath away. I stand on the back deck in the dark of the night looking out over the fields lit up from the full moon and the animals in the field grazing with the smell of the first fireplace fire and I just go to another time and place where magical little creatures and little people live with their houses in tree trunks and smoke from the fireplace comes out the top of the tree. This ambiance certainly stirs the imagination, as you can tell.

Incredible!!!!! Here it is November 3rd and the leaves are finally changing. It's starting to get gorgeous everywhere you go. Everyone is experiencing time confusion. LOL There shouldn't be leaves changing at this time!! But, here they are! So November turns out to be our leaf changing month this year.

Having the leaves change at the wrong time certainly put a blooey in the spoke. All of a sudden it's winter! We went from leaf season to winter. Now that's unsettling. :o)

July '06
Today was shearing day on the farm. Our guests got to watch the whole thing! It is a rare occasion on the farm, the llamas get sheared every two years, so it was wonderful to be able to do it while we had guests in the cabin. They had a blast watching! And quite a show they got! We started with Dharma. Dharma is typically the worse when it comes to doing something to her. She hates to be bothered. She just likes us to leave her alone. So, we started with Dharma, we thought we would get the worse one done first so the rest would be smooth sailing. She wasn't too bad! She had her moments but calmed down quickly and our shearer Lance got to work. Then Bandit was next. We were anticipating this as easy. I don't know, maybe she had PMS today. Or maybe her stars were in the wrong houses or something. She was a crazy lunatic. We figured she would be the easiest one to work with and would be a good change from Dharma. Whoa! were we off on that! Migosh, you'd think we were killing her. She bucked and spit, the nasty spit, and reared and flailed and you name it. She never spits at humans, ever!!!! None of them do. And Bandit, my baby, oh she would never spit at her mommy - me. Hah hah! Poor Tyler had to hold one of her backlegs up with a rope so we could incapacitate her some, what a job that was! But it didn't slow her down one bit. So Lance had to tie her head up high to incapacitate her even more so we could finish her shearing. Guess who was standing at her face trying to calm her when she decided to start spitting. Yep, yours truly. She thinks I'm her human momma so in a way it was a compliment, but in another way that's how mad she was at us. What a spoiled baby! Well, we do spoil her I have to admit. I'm not sure she even felt bad about herself and her behavior. As a matter of fact, I'm sure she didn't! LOL We finally finished with the crazed llama and went on not knowing what was in store next. Were they all going to be nutcases? And then Blossom, sweet calm Blossom. Thank goodness. I don't know any of us had any strength left to deal with another nutcase. And then Lazardo. Another sweet one. So, everybody did great, even Dharma afterall, except for the sweet one, Bandit. Go figure. Tyler and I came up and took a nap after our shower.

November 2006
Who would ever believe it is 65 degrees on Thanksgiving. What a gorgeous day. I am so thankful for the incredible land and home we live and invite others to come stay on. This is something to feel really thankful about.

December 2006
It's still in the 60's. This is so crazy! But we are taking advantage of the weather. We just planted a bulb bed in front of our house. I have to decorate the rental cabin for Christmas now and my psyche just keeps saying it's not Christmas time because it's still warm and I just keep putting it off. But this is enough. Tomorrow is decorating day. Poof! The cabin will be transformed into a winter wonderland for the holidays.

The stage is set, Santa is about to arrive any moment. The stockings are hung on the fireplace with care, there are sugar plums dancing everywhere.... We love setting the stage for a wonderful Christmas holiday for a family. It's just so heartwarming. We have little gifts in the stockings so that the kids know that Santa can find them here too. And all kinds of chocolates everywhere! The family arrives tomorrow and then Santa the next day. Oh dear, are we ready? LOL

Happy New Year to all! We wish the best to all our past renters and look forward to meeting all our new renters.
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