January 2007
Not only do I have to remember to change from 06 to 07, but now I have to remember that this is winter. LOL IT'S 60 OUTSIDE!!!

Yayyy!!!!!!!! It's snowing! It's a winter wonderland everywhere. Everywhere I went today people were so excited about how gorgeous the mountains looked with everything buried under snow. I think we were all getting so worried about the warmth of the weather we got totally exhilerated at seeing snow. And it is GORGEOUS!

Ok, now this is so wierd. I just let the dogs outside and we are covered in snow! There is snow everywhere! Flowers and trees budding and snow. There is 3 to 4 inches of snow outside. It's gorgeous in the full moon, but snow for Easter?

This morning we opened the shades to the rising mist. That is an amazing phenomenon. The mist just rises like smoke, and at first light there is just a big cloud hugging everything. Slowly slowly the mist rises and the farm is exposed more and more. It's like a sci-fi movie. You expect to see something, dragons, mystical creatures of some sort, becoming visible in the day light. OH, look, there's one, there's some mystical strange unknown creature emerging right now as the mist lifts. What is it! Oh this is so exciting!!!!! ............ Oh, I see, it's our llama Blossom. :O)) Well, she is a strange and looking mystical creature afterall. LOL

Monday May 14th.
Went to Sandy Melton's farm to pick up a Buck for Meeshell to romance. Oh boy. We are ever so excited. And is he ever a cutie! He's only a yearling and has that cute little "kid" sparkle and softness. Hope he's up to the task. Tyler divided up the barn and made a pen area that they can go in and out of. We put Lazardo Llama in with them to keep them safe from coyotes. The people renting the cabin currently named him Studley. That suits him real cutely. We also took Meeshell in to be sheared to make her real purty. Supposedly shearing helps stimulate the romance.

Frida has been flirting like a hussy with our new boy. Meeshell ignores him. We put Frida in with him to see if they would have a little romancin' time. Hari didn't like that one bit. He stood on the fencing and helped Frida get out. We put her back in. Hari knocked the board down that acted as a gate. Frida got out. Studley got out. Then Meeshell got out. We put them back in. Left Frida out this time to keep Hari from driving us nuts. Frida flirted like crazy through the fence. Studley's out again. Oh darn, there's Meeshell out too. Well, what the, Lazardo got out now. Oh this is just nuts. We're leaving them all out now and they are all one big happy herd. Any romancin' goin' on? No, Studley's too busy grazing on the field. I don't think that boy has stopped eating since he got here! Hasn't he ever seen grass before? Well, our Studley may get a new name. Dudley.

It is now one week later and here's the report. I can tell you Studley is twice the weight he was when he got here. Meeshell hasn't had any romancin' at all. Frida is just as wild as ever. Hari is happy the new guy can't get near (Frida) his girl. Meeshell thinks she's supposed to flirt with Blossom the llama (female). And the rest of them think the pen is a pretty cool new place to hang out. We've just let them all wander wherever they want to go and we are wondering. We are either the worse possible at this art of romancin' or we got us a bunch of duds. Stay tuned from Dudley Lane.

June 2007
The farm is in a drastic state of drought. We are having to grain and hay the animals daily now. Our fields have always been so lush we don't feed them at all all summer because they get so darn fat! But this year Lu has lost a lot of weight and they all look a little light. This is good for Lazardo who loves to spend his life as a fat fat llama. But not for the rest. We are praying for relief soon. This is really bad for all farms. Our grasses are brown and the ground is bare in lots of spots all over the area.

July 2007
Well, everything's just the same. Dudly do-wrong is just a fat happy little boy with no responsibilities whatsoever. I'm beginning to think we spoil our babies so much they forget to be goats. But they are so so happy, all of them. The happiest bunch of little guys I ever saw. Tyler wants to keep Dudley now. He's fallen in love with him. Oh brother, are we softees.

Well be careful for what you wish for!!!! It has not stopped storming for a week now! Everything's flooding, rain everywhere, water everywhere. I was really happy at first. Ecstatic every day it rained. The flowers are happy. The animals are out grazing again and happy as can be. The grass is getting green and grass is growing in the dirt spots. It's wonderful!! But oh boy, enough maybe. Or at least a little less severe?

August 2007
Everything is looking just beautiful everywhere, all over the mountains. The flowers are popping out everywhere more beautiful than ever. I think they've been storing up until they could come out. The night sounds are out, the tree frogs, the katydids, the soundless fireflies, the naying of the donkey next door, the dogs in the distance barking at the coyotes, the howling of the coyotes. It is just lush green everywhere now. The mountains are just teeming with life.

OH BOY!!! That little hussy did it! Our Frida is definitely pregnant. Our littlest and babyest is having a baby. Go figure. No wonder Hari was going nuts and butting Studley at every opportunity. He definitely is not happy with Studley. Poor Studley is the low man in the pecking order and hears about it at every opportunity. So, now we are going to have a Pygora. That's a combination Pygmy and Angora. Now ask me if we are going to have an Angora baby. Well, I'd have to tell you no. Looks like the arrow hit the wrong target. I told you, we're not too good at this for sure. LOL

Lu continues to lose weight. We are getting concerned.

Frida is loving all the special attention and she is getting lots from us. She is the fattest happiest little girl I've ever seen. And boy is she ever pregnant. Well, Studley has earned his name and has it back again. :O)) Now let's see you get to Meeshell, Studley. That's going to be a task! She won't slow down for anyone!!

Frida doesn't walk anymore, she waddles.

Frida has been staying away from the rest of the herd. We think she's getting ready. We have the vet on call, our neighbor is waiting to help, the barn's ready and stall's all set up. We sit on pins and needles waiting. It looks like any moment. We are all waiting.....

Still waiting................

Still waiting................

What!!! she doesn't even look that pregnant anymore. I'm trying not to stress about that. Maybe the baby moved. She seems much more active and comfortable now. hmmmmm, we'll see.

Still waiting.........

She's acting like a very happy little goat she is.


Monday, October 24, 2008
Tyler went down to the barn for evening feeding and the next thing I heard was him calling me, "Frida's having her baby". Of course it was after 5 - no vets available - but I called Donna and her husband, Mike, our neighbors, who have birthed many a goat. I was very nervous. The baby is supposed to come in 30 min to 45 min. After an hour, she was still struggling. Called the vet. He said to put on gloves and go inside to help the baby out. Tyler gave me the nod to go ahead and try. Ever try to put your hand in a hole the size of a, well I don't know what to describe it as, but it's not anywhere near as big as my hand, that I can tell you. I was now approaching terror. "Ok, I can do this", I say to myself. Well, my gloves were so gelled up I couldn't get ahold of the baby. Then I felt him bite my finger. Oh I just giggled. I was so excited to feel that. It was reassurance it was still alive. Mike says, let me do it. He had to literally force the baby out. It was just very very stressful. So the baby is finally out, looks good, acting right, and Frida is just standing there. Again I'm stressing. She's supposed to clean the baby off and bond with him. The baby has no temp control for 24 hours. He has to be dried off. So I started wiping him dry with a towel. Suddenly Frida begins contractions again. I figured here comes the afterbirth. Well all of a sudden out shoots another baby. It was breech, but it just slid right out because the baby before her was so big it stretched her. She took over and cleaned the babys and got them to eat and was just a fabulous fabulous mommy. I was so afraid she wouldn't know what to do or reject them as a first time mom but she is just incredible! She knew everything to do and they are just so beautiful. One boy (the first one out and he was BIG) and one girl. The girl is feisterier than the boy and looking for trouble. I hear with a hard birth like that it will take the boy a little time to recover. You can see them in the photo gallery. We are so proud of Frida, so in love with the babies, and so relieved this whole drama is over. LOL
The Frida Family
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Mid November
Frida is venturing out into the world with her babies today. The photo gallery has their very first exit. It was so cute. I just stood there and watched in amazement. Brand new world for them. And Frida was incredible. She talked to them constantly urging them to come, urging them to stay close, no don't go there, here, come here stay close. They were quite the site.

Finally the boys came to see what was up. Also Blossom the Llama was the first to stick her head over the fence to smell them and explore who went with the little noises she's been hearing in the barn. The "boys" (the other goats) stuck their nose up to the fence and the "kids" ran away. So funny. Frida came out as if to announce and show how proud she was of her babies. We'll keep letting them meet over the fence. The kids aren't quite ready to meet the big guys yet. Rio is 2x bigger than Mahlee. And they are inseparable. Studley loves hanging out with them. It's like a little family. Mom, Dad, and the two kids. Though, it is possible he is doing that because he knows they get extra food throughout the day and he doesn't want to miss anything. LOL But I also think it's because he's just a young boy himself. He's only a year and a half himself. He's probably ecstatic he has someone young to play and hang out with. Before the kids arrived on the scene all he had was the ol' guys.

The "kids" are playing on the playground equipment we set up for them. Oh are they funny. They fly, leap, off the top, they chase each other, they put their little heads down and pretend to butt each other. Their favorite game is definitely the king of the hill. So cute.

The kids have finally been introduced and integrated into the herd. They had no problems at all. They stick to their mommy like glue so it looks like 12 little legs all in unison. So funny so see 12 legs scoot from here to there.

Mid December
The kids are half Frida's size already. They are white fluffy little things still. Their play antics can entertain you for hours. Mahlee has discovered she has a voice box. She sounds like a little kid screaming. Freaks us all out. And she uses it constantly. Every time she sees us it's time to eat as far as she's concerned. So she screams to let us know.
Mahlee, Frida, Rio
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