Rio is becoming quite the brave boy. He's the first to venture out, the first to get where they are going, wherever that may be, and he goes off on his own quite a bit. He's got little horns now and they are twice as big as Mahlee's. Studley has been teaching him how to be a goat and he has been playing with him so beautifully. He just puts his head down and lets Rio touch his and they just stand like that together. He also puts his head down and shoves Rio until Rio finally finds his strength to hold him off, well, Studley lets him think that anyway. And he jumps all over the playground equipment with both of them. Oh it's so much fun to watch! Funny how the boys are so playful and the girls aren't. Although Mahlee does play with Rio a lot. She also yells at him. LOL Frida never got into playing with them. I think she's just been focused on eating enough for the three of them. They are the same size as she is now. Whew, I don't envy her.

I love to watch Frida and the babies and their relationship. Frida is such a good mommy, I guess I just have to say again. It's just so amazing to me. She watches over those kids even to today, 4 months, almost 5 months later. I watch her teach them things. I watch how she defends them from other goats. And their bond with their Mommy is incredibly strong. And with each other! If anyone gets away from Mahlee's vision she starts her screaming. Then Rio starts screaming because he's upset his sister is screaming. Then Frida starts calling out to them to help settle them down. It's really hilarious once they get going.

I am sad to say we may lose Lu. He is so sick, poor guy. First he was lame then he went down and then he stopped eating. Tyler and I have been working with him non-stop for several weeks now. Lu is trying, he's fighting to stay. He's so affectionate now and so happy to see us and be with us. He's really changed in personality and become so much more to us. It's almost like he's shifted his feeling of being in his herd with his animals he was in charge of to being in a herd with Tyler and me in which we take care of him. He's happy to be away from the others and he loves all the attention from us.

What wonderful news to share! We think we have finally turned the corner with Lu as he is started to look like his old strong self and he is getting his will back. We have been slinging him and keeping him up as much as we can. With really good nutrition and homeopathic remedies, I think our boy is going to make it. His coughing has stopped, his poor digestion has stopped, he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. You can't get much better than that. whew. I hope we are finished with the worst of it. I had to set his other leg in a cast today to help him stand. We'll see. He is most interested in standing so that he can graze. He doesn't even want the treats we would bring him to help him get stronger, like the apples, lettuce, wheat grass, carrots, celery. All he wants is to graze. That's the best sign we've had in a couple months. Oh, and cinnamon cookies. I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies the other day and brought them down to snack on while I was hand-feeding Lu and I offered him one just to see what he would do. Bad idea. Now he looks for his cinnamon girl scout cookies every time I go down there. Need I say I only had about one or two of them. I am happy to let him eat them. LOL

Remember the Studley and Meeshell drama? Where Studley was shamed and ridiculed for his lack of taking care of business? Once we realized how many goats we were about to have, we completely let go of the desire to have any more babies. Also, Frida's ordeal was enough for us. We gladly helped Studley retire from his job so he wouldn't have any more girlfriends. And we wouldn't have to have any more babies. We had the vet out not too long after the birth of his babies - for Studley.

We had a real shock yesterday and was blindly surprised by it all. Well guess who's going to have babies any moment! No, not Studley, very funny........ MEESHELL!!!! She is so pregnant! Just when we thought we were going to rest from our ordeal with Lu we now have to get ready for the birth of one or two baby angora goats. So those of you who are returning to Cabin Cove Farm this year, you will get to meet 3 to 4 new baby goats, depending on how many Meeshell has. Little baby angoras, the cutest of the cute. How exciting. I can't wait. I'm glad I missed the waiting period and found out just in time. This time though won't be nearly as scarey for me. Stay tuned, more news to come on wild Cabin Cove Farm. :O))

Frida is trying to wean her babies. She is being so patient and gentle with them. She lets them suckle for just a minute and then jumps away. She also will steer clear of them when they come at her, but there are two of them and they get her from either side and she just lets them have one or two sucks and then she jumps away.

The vet came and put a stronger cast on Lu's left leg. The plaster one just wore away on the bottom. So now he has tap shoes on both legs. I like to call them tap shoes. Tyler built Meeshell's birthing stall today and it looks good. Tonite we will probably start closing her up in the stall and now we wait.

Today is a most significant day. Lu left the barnyard on his own, walked up the hill grazing for a couple hours all on his own, walked all the way back to his barnyard and laid down in his spot. He is a happy and getting healthier and healthier boy. We are so happy.

Meeshell has started her restlessness today. Good sign the birth is approaching. We're watching her like a hawk. She should start having her baby in about 4 hours.

Meeshell had a baby boy!! The folks in the cabin are so excited. They'll get to see him tomorrow. They've had such fun walking with Lu and hanging out with him and now they get to see the baby. We've named him Gondi.

Ghondee is the cutest little kid on the planet. He tried to play with his mommy tonite, day 2.

Day 3 and we let Meeshell and Ghondee out to walk around a bit. Meeshell looked like she was getting stir crazy. Ghondee followed along beside and behind her dancing around and flipping himself. Tyler and I just sat there and laughed at him. He's the happiest little guy ever. And I would add that Lu is doing quite well.

Life on the farm is back to normal, if there is a level of normalcy at this place, and Tyler and I finally have less stress. What a winter this has been! Ghondee is just a fireball of energy going everywhere. He's everybody's boy and runs from one to the other in the herd. His favorite is sitting on Lazardo's back when Lazardo is in Kush. He even tried sitting on Lu's back when he was lying down and Lu let him for a little while but then Lu stood up to knock him off. He is pretty attached to Lu since Lu was his second major focus after birth besides his mommy. He is eating or numming grasses, hay, feed. He also has to make his mommy feed him during the day sometimes. She's very precise in knowing how much she wants him to suckle, how often he should do it, and when and where. Talk about controlling! He follows along behind her poking her in the butt saying stop and let me eat! She is off from the goats with the llamas mostly, like she normally does, but Ghondee is much more sociable right now and hangs out with the goats. He's not afraid of anyone or anything. He just cutes them into submission. LOL

Lu is walking everywhere on his own now. He is going into the next field to forage and then back to the big field to graze. He picks what he wants to eat and is strong enough to refuse what he doesn't. He walked all the way up to the top of the field today for the first time and drank from the bucket up there. It was awesome to see. He's recovering beautifully. But he still doesn't have use of that front left leg. It doesn't seem to be stopping him any longer and he is learning to live without it. He's happy and content and full of his power again. We are ecstatic. As soon as it warms up a little bit, we are going to take the cast off the front left leg and see if he'll accept that leg again. The herbs we are giving him are really helping his legs and it helps give him strength to graze and forage longer which is what is helping him recover. Stay tuned for more news from the farm. :O))

Lu is back in the herd again and is the happiest little guy ever. We still lock him in the barn at night for his own protection because he is not able to run like the others. Though he does scoot around fast on his three legs. We don't want to take any chances yet. I guess I'M not ready, though he acts like he is. We have been working at getting the casts off his leg. We chip away a little each day we can. We should be able to have one off sometime this week, we hope. ugh, then we have to start on the other one. But it's such a good thing to do, we are happy to do it.

Ghondee is a ball of fire and is into everything. If there was a place you wouldn't have wanted him to be, that's the first place he'll go. He keeps his mommy on her toes and gets her going when he wants to get out in the field and she is lagging behind. All the males are teaching him how to use his head for communication. They are all so gentle with him. It's so cute to see him lift up in the air and challenge the big guys with his head down like he's got horns. Studley is right there to protect him if it gets out of hand. Studley has adopted Jason, the old guy, as his mentor. He goes where Jason goes and if Hari gets out of line, Studley is right there in his face challenging him to gentle up. When Hari challenges Rio or Ghondee, Studley runs over to watch and supervise. He will take over for the babes if it gets too rough. He has proven to be a remarkable father and being. He's come from being totally wild with no human contact to a real love in a very short period of time. I have truly fallen in love with him. He's very respectful of Lu and Jason, the elders. He knows they have this quiet presence of power and I think he is learning from them to eminate it. He is going to rule the herd one day and he will do it with the same grace Lu has.

It's interesting to see the difference in the Mommies as Meeshell treats the task so differently than Frida. Of course they are individuals and that can be expected. Frida is still a doting mother after 7 months. Mahlee still never leaves her side. Meeshell had Ghondee out and integrated into the herd for them to help take care of him at 3 days! LOL She goes about her business, but she always seems to have an eye partially on him. She lets him know it's time to milk. But she lets him be independent. He is much more interactive than she is. He wants to be with everyone and he lets her know. She's had to be with the goats much more than she ever wanted to. He's afraid of nothing and no one in his herd. He goes up to a llama just as calmly as he goes up to the goats. But he's shy with Mahlee and Rio, the other two kids. I was hoping they would play together, but they are just too attached to Frida.

The folks in the cabin had quite a morning this morning. First was the romping and playfulness of two coyotes in the bottom field below us as about 6:30AM. Then A longhorn calf got loose from our neighbor's field and was in the cabin's yard and wandering outside of the yard all over the place. Our llamas came running out from the barn to see what was going on. They took one look at the big commotion and strange animals wandering all over the place and they hightailed it right back to the barn. Blossom rounded up all the goats and brought them back to the barn with them. That's their job you know, to take care of and protect those goats. The neighbors had to catch the calf and rope her and get her in the trailer to take back home. Finally at about 9 everything on the farm settled down. Never know what's going to happen around here.
It looks like Ghondee got nailed too hard by one of the older goats, probably Hari, as he has blood all over his little head. They say this is normal goat behavior but it just breaks my heart to see a baby have to grow up in the herd. They seem to be ruthless. He is the low man on the totem pole and Hari lets him know at every chance. He seems to be scared now and runs from everyone, thank goodness, huh. He sticks to his mommy like glue now and won't leave her side. He no longer trusts anyone. And of course that feeds the fire and everyone shoves him around. But he's good at staying away now.

Today was goat shearing day!!! Oh boy, the first one for Mahlee and Rio. Ghondee is still too young to be sheared. Everyone did great except Mahlee screamed her head off the whole time. Then Rio screamed and then Frida chimed in to reassure them both. What a racket! I'm so glad Mahlee was last. But oh boy they all look so beautiful. No fur and you can see their beautiful little bodies. The babies are no longer looking so much bigger than Frida and actually look the same size. Jason is so tall and strong and healthy looking. Studley is mad at every body and has to establish the way he wants the order to be because now he looks so much smaller with his fleece gone. Of course the first to the challenge was Hari. Hari couldn't wait to butt him to say Hey, you ain't such a bigun afterall, are you. But Studley is way stronger and nearly knocked him off his feet. I love shearing because I can see how their skin looks and their general body stature. They look real good.

Oh boy! It's June and the fireflies are coming out more and more. Should be a show by the end of June.

Yayyyyyy!!! I finally got the cabin internet today. Yayyyyy! Our guests will finally be able to use their computers.
Lu has taken a turn for the worse again and is going downhill very fast. We fear he will not be with us very much longer.

It has been hot and dry and the fields are drying up. But our babies are fat and happy as we like to keep them that way no matter what is going on. It's our responsibility to keep them that way and we work very hard at doing just that. The coyotes must have moved on to the next den on their route, we haven't heard much of them at all lately. The creek is down real low so the Herons are looking for ponds. We keep our pond covered up with vegetation real good so they won't see our fish babies in the pond.
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In memory of our favorite boy - Master Lu
We've been letting the goats out from the barnyard into the open field and are neighbor's wild field next to us to forage. What happy babies they are! Our guests have been able to meet them right up close and its just a hoot to watch. Ghondee has been growing up to be quite the mature quiet gentle little man. He tells his Mommy what to do now, but when gets scared turns right around and runs for her. He's so funny. We always joke about how small his head is but we saw a baby picture of Jason and he looked like Gondi! His head was tiny too. Today Jason has a really big head. So maybe Gondi's head will eventually grow into the rest of him. It would be good for him to have a bigger brain. LOL

Tyler and I did our Fall drive through the mountains today to see all the pretty colors everywhere. We drove towards Tennessee. The farm is also full of color, but we wanted to also see majestic mountain paintings of it, all over the place. Just a fun thing we like to do each year. The mountains are just ablaze with color. It's very windy today, these leaves of color just may be gone soon. But then there are many still waiting to turn. So we'll get to see all this twice!!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! It's snowing! Where am I? Did we drive into another dimension or something? How can it be snowing????!! Our lucky guests this time got to see fall colors and snow the very next day. How bazaar is that! There is actually a small acumulation on the ground. Even that's bazaar as the ground couldn't be cold enough yet to even hold snow. I am just amazed. I feel like Dorothy and need to click my heels together chanting "I want to go home." Where am I Toto?
Read the Farm News by Year

Read the Farm News by Year

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