Spring is approaching and we think it can't come soon enough. It seems like it was cold for a very long time. We're not used to winter starting in October anymore.


was shearing month and the goats look fabulous. I love when they get sheared. I feel like I can see the real them. It's like taking off our coats in spring and noticing there is a body under there. They are just so cute! I can see their faces now. I can't recognize anybody any more. I don't think they can recognize each other either though. LOL They are butting each other like crazy. Rio and Molly did their usual screaming while they were being sheared. You'd think they'd be ecstatic to have that heavy layer of fleece removed. But they just yelled at the shearer non-stop. Do you think it's because they are so spoiled? Oh no, not them. Hah!

The three of them still hang out together inseparably. It's the Frida Family everywhere. If Molly thinks they are getting too far apart, she yells at them to get themselves right back to where she is. She's hilarious. Hahri is happy again because he is part of the Frida Family. He hangs out with the three of them. So it's now a family of four. He's got his woman back again and he is calm and content again. All of the goats are more active now that they are free of all their heavy fleece.

Ok, here I am complaining again. ugh, I've had enough rain. But the incredible sights from the rain are amazing. It's like a RainForest. This is the way it was before the drought. Things are growing that haven't grown in years. It's really quite beautiful here now.

We don't see the goats and llamas much during the day because they hole up in the barn. They come out when it cools down or not raining. Wow, what a life huh.

Gondi is starting to look like his daddy. Don't get me wrong now, he still looks like he's his momma's boy, but he just has that little hint of looking like his daddy. He is getting bigger and stronger. He's getting more independent and stands up to others. Meeshell comes running over to help him everytime he is challenged, ready to kick anyone's butt messing with her boy. Boy, what a surprise she can be. Gondi and Molly hang out together alot. I think they like each other a lot and have a thing going. They have that same soft energy and maybe that's what pulls them to each other. It's just so cute to watch them develop their relationship.

The arrival of the lightening bugs is always a treat. Must be where they thought of making Christmas lights. The whole farm looks like there are little blinking Christmas lights in all the trees and tall grasses. Amazing phenomenon.

Been taking the goats for a little walk every now and then and they have a blast. It's like little kids getting out and looking for what trouble they can get into. The Frida family is still pretty tight and typically where one is the others are. Hahri keeps his dignity though and acts as if he's the king. They let him. Real cute.

Gondi is definitely going off by himself, away from Meeshell. He's been hanging out some with Rio and Molly, which is great seeing as they are all close in age. I do believe there is something going on between he and Molly. She definitely has a shine on him. Meeshell still hangs out with the llamas, bossing them around, and they just let her. She absolutely refuses to accept she is a goat.

Well, if it would stop raining some, I might see I have farm animals. Those babies won't leave the barn at all now. Man they are sooooooooo spoiled.

I can't believe it's already time to shear the goats again. Seems like it was just recently! But Gondi and Studley, I don't know how they can see anything! They have long ringlets down their face. It would be really cute if I knew they could see ok.
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The colors are peaking right now. It's just beautiful! The crisp cool night air is so refreshing. Definitely fireplace weather.

That was a beautiful but seemed like brief leaf season. We've just had hurricane Ida come through but no wind, just lots and lots of non-stop rain. The llamas and goats are busy eating out of the field, almost like they know it's going to go away soon. They're even out there in the rain. Goodness, they're acting like real animals. LOL
Angora babies got sheared today. Once again I get to see how cute they are. I can hardly recognize them! They have to go through the whole recognition process with each other all over again. Oh they are sooooooo cute!!

Snuggle weather is here. Light up those logs, put on the hot chocolate, get on the fleece jammies, and snuggle!

Whoa!!!!!!! We just got a MAJOR snowfall. This is really really unusual. Boy did we ever have a white Christmas. Our electricity was out, water, heat, everything. We were not prepared at all!! Fortunately the folks in the cabin had a ball. Our next group had never seen snow before. They were thrilled too.

ugh, we were not. The llamas and the goats did not leave the barn or barn area for 5 days. They hated it too.

Oh the funniest thing just now. The animals are leaving the barn. They are sooooooo funny!! Lazardo led all the goats out. They followed in his footsteps. Frida is highly distressed seeing as she's the shortest and falls through the snow everytime she takes a step. Glump glump she walks. So funny. And they are just complaining like crazy. Maaaaaaa mmmmmaaaaaaaaaa they are screaming the whole time they are walking through this 12" of snow. That's mighty big for a goat that's only 15-18" high from the ground. Oh but it's so good to see them out! The snow has brought all the bushes from the side of the fence down to the ground over the fence and they are loving chomping on it.
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