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January What a winter this has been. We've had more snow in this winter season than all the years we've been in Asheville - 17 years, or deeper west (WNC) for 8 more years. It has not been fun keeping up with the farm babies while trying to survive major snowstorms. February It's incredibly wet everywhere! We'll have to watch the barnkids for parasites. Parasites love this wetness, helps them to multiply lots. They're in such close quarters as they can't ever get out of the barn, I fear they are infecting each other. March Well, looks like Jason is the first to show signs of parasites. Ugh. Not our favorite thing to do, but a necessity. He must be wormed. We've also been trying to build up his strength as he appears to be pretty sick. My poor baby. We're also trying to keep him isolated so the others don't mess with him. Yay! Jason is all better. He's a happy camper now. Took a couple weeks of major babying and feeding really good things like wheat grass, lettuce, etc. to help him build up his strength again. Whew. That was close. All the other goats got wormed now too. Don't want to go through this with each one! April Lazardo llama is very sick. Llamas are very stoic and don't show signs of sickness until they are really sick. He's scaring me. Had the vet out today. We are still babying Lazardo daily. He seems to be responding well. Lazardo actually grazed for a moment today. We were so excited. He's been grazing a little every day. Looking good. Fights harder and stronger when we have to give him his drench. Vet says it will take a long time to get him back in shape again. We are so relieved he is on the mend. Spring seems to be here. Still can't believe it....it is only April. Flowering trees, bushes, bulbs are shooting out everywhere. It's just gorgeous. What a contrast to what we've been experiencing this winter. But what a pleasure!!
May Lazardo left us this month. He just stopped eating and that was that. There is nothing you can do to get a llama to eat again I've decided. When one of these silent giants fall, it's a sound heard around the world. It's one of the saddest moments I can experience. I can't really even explain it. Every llama owner feels the same way. We really really will miss you Zardo. Lazardo's death has been really hard on all members of the herd, but the herd is pulling together finally. Bandit and Blossom jumped in as guard and alarm. Bandit sounds her alarm and Blossom herds the goats to safety. It's one of the most remarkable things I think I've ever seen. They've been doing this a couple times a day for days now. I think they must be either hypervigilant from fear because Lazardo is gone and now the pressure is on them, or they are practicing. I can't quite decide. All this time they've been the babies of the herd, no responsibilities, no leadership opportunities, just in the background as the babies. Now, they are showing their stuff. It's just awesome. The girls have stopped scaring the cr.. out of everybody finally and are settling down. I think we can say it's official that they were practicing. But everytime they'd do this routine, Tyler and I would run outside no matter what time the day or night and check to be sure everyone was ok and there would be nothing there but the show routine the two of them do. Maybe they were getting us to practice too. LOL Well, they've finally stopped after 2 weeks and we can get a full night sleep. But my gosh, our respect for the two of them has increased a zillion times. They are really stepping up. Babies no more.
Shearing day for llamas today. Always such a big job. But now there are only 3 and Bandit was a good girl for a change so it went smoothly and quickly. She's always so touchy and angry when she gets sheared, but this time she was relatively cooperative. Maybe her growing up quickly has helped mellow her out. They all look really good body wise. I get to see them naked and I can see how they are coming along. I only get to do that every 2 years so I like to scrutinize them closely. Every one looks really good.

There's been so much rain this year we feel like we're in the Amazon. Such flowers and greenery we've never seen! Happy birds, bees, and anything else that lives on the outside. The grounds on the farm are just gorgeous. Tyler has been really showing his stuff keeping up with it and making it so beautiful for all our visitors to relish in.
We had an enormous shock this month. Just 2 weeks after shearing, Dharma took quite ill and died in less than a week. We are all reeling from the event. Blossom and Bandit have taken over their job of guardian of the goats and have taken it quite seriously. But Bandit is not herself. She hasn't left the barn in two days. The goats stay with her and Blossom keeps them close but it is very obvious how insecure and frightened they all are. We are down there a lot helping them out and staying close to them. This is a hard time on the farm. September It's been unbearably hot this summer. Lots to keep up with to keep the farm babies happy and healthy. Also keeping up with the rental cabin. Lots of visitors coming and going. Made lots of new friends this year and saw lots of returning ones. This lifestyle suits us so well. Sometimes we just sit on the deck and look around us and are in awe of what we are in the midst of. We got to plant a few more trees this year. We're hoping to get several more in before winter. November Happy Thanksgiving! Good heavens! It's winter for goodness sakes. We felt no transition from Fall to Winter. Didn't get any time to organize the barn, move things around, plant, etc. Looks like we'll have to wait til the spring. :O))
December It's Christmas and it's a white one. We got 10-12 inches of snow for Christmas. Looks like we won't be going to see Tyler's family in Charlotte this year. Not only are we all snowed in, but we have to stay home and make sure everything and everyone on the farm is safe and the barn babies are fed to keep warm. The folks in the cabin are ecstatic! They were going down the hills on snowboards today and having a blast. What a perfect Christmas family get-together. This is the end of a wonderful year meeting many new folks who came to stay on the farm, as well as seeing many old friends who returned again this year. Tyler and I and all the 4 legged babies on Cabin Cove Farm wish all of you a very very Happy New Year and wish all the best for each of you in 2011. We hope to see you all again! love, Sharon and Tyler
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Read the Farm News by Year

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