Happy New Year!!! So far this one begins with a big bang. We've had a major snowfall on Christmas, and now on January 7th, we are having another major snowfall. Mind you it's gorgeous outside. Everything everywhere is once again a bright white. Thank goodness not too cold, but really really white. It snowed all day long, just lightly falling flakes doing really not much of anything. The folks in the cabin checked in right before the big snow started to fall. As soon as Tyler and I got back to our house after greeting them, we looked outside, it started coming down in big flakes and quickly. We had an inch in just moments. They made it just in time.

The snow has been blowing for 2 days now and it doesn't look like it's going to let up. We have a good 6" right now, maybe more as I'm not much at measuring - I'd have to go outside to do that!! LOL I'll give the final count when I hear the news, though they are as inacurate as I am. The llamas and goats are getting a little stir crazy. Meeshell has decided to sleep outside the overhang altogether and of course her son Ghondee stays close. But being Angoras they are fully protected and warm with their tremendously thick coat this time of year.

Before the snow started falling a couple days ago, I saw the best sign I could that the herd is finally settling down after Dharma's death. Blossom and Meeshell were playing tussle and really going at it having the best time. I stood and laughed as I watched Blossom pick up Meeshell's leg and carry it around with her and Meeshell hopping alongside. They were really really funny.

This is the first week of May and I saw my first lightening bug.  In another week they are going to light up the farm and sit in the trees and tall grass.  It's like a fairy land around here at night.  The sky is just lit up with stars.  Just a really really gorgeous night.

They are all here, the full residence of lightening bugs.  Awesome!! 


It has been really hot already.  This is so unusual.  Too hot for us mountain folks.  We are looking forward to a cooling.  The goats are sheared and happy.  They get playful and energetic when all that heavy fleece is removed for them.  Glad we did it before the heat showed up.  


Well, we are sweltering.  Where is all this heat coming from!  July 4th was lovely, sitting on the deck watching all the fireworks all around us and all the fireflies putting on a show too.  I always get so sentimental and patriotic thinking about all the brave and amazing people who have given their lives for the freedom we get to live in today.  


Oh boy, it's cooling off and it's so magnificent out!  I just want to be outside all the time.  Tyler put up 100 bales of hay today.  whew, that's work!  

September has it's unpredictable days, though this last two years have had enough of them, and this September has not been disapppointing.  The temp has dropped quite a bit and it's a relief to all the Florida folks. LOL  We're trying to get the goats scheduled for a shearing because we hear it's going to be a snowy winter.  Cool!  And we don't want to get caught like last year when it dropped before we were actually ready.  Better to have the babies sheared early and have a warm coat starting when it drops than be stuck with that heavy coat all winter and be uncomfortable.  It's hard to walk around with such a heavy fleece on, though it is probably better at selling the fleece, it's longer that way.  My babies care comes first though, so, shearing it is. 

Oh boy, the weather is turning already.  The big crunch is on.  Will we get the goats sheared before the big change, or will they keep their fleece til next Spring?  The big guess is on.  But oh my is it awesome to sleep at night in this cool crisp nighttime weather.   We have had such incredible weather, sunny and warm but comfy warm, like in the low 80's, high 70's mostly, and cool crisp at night.  Perfect mountain weather.  The goats and llamas are venturing out into the field more often now, rather than stay holed up in their barn.  They're loving the grass and the cool weather.  


Last night I just had to sit on the deck late into the night.  The sky was so clear and the stars so incredibly bright.  The air was a bit crisp but in a comfortable sort of way.  The sounds were hypnotic, singing me to calmness.  What a wonderful experience that was. 

Suddenly here I am in a burst of color all around me.  Yellow, maroon, green, orange, vibrating from every corner of the property.  I feel I am basking in this color explosion every where I go in the country and the city all around me.  Ahhhh, Fall is definitely here; the crisp air, the clear skies at night, the color explosion all day.  

Tyler and I and Bodhi and Amma went on a day trip today to the Nantahala Gorge.  It's about 1hr to maybe 1 1/2 hours from the farm.  Tyler and I used to live in that area.  It was good to see all the familiar things we hadn't seen in 18 years, since we've been living on the farm. It's such a beautiful drive and this time of the year with the leaves in full regalia it was stupendous.  It's deep into the Smokey Mountains. It's a special mountain range, we are partial to it.  Lots of trees and lots of ups and downs.  We ate at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.  They have several restaurants but we ate at the River Cafe.  They even cooked up a burger for the doggies.  So today was a really fun fun day.  I recommend a daytrip to the Gorge when you get here.  


When is Winter coming?  I'm wondering, I am.  Will we even have one?  The weather is magnificent. 


My oh my, another whole year has passed us by.  This year has been so busy I haven't even had time to write in the news very much.  I hate putting bad news in this reporting, we'd like to think everything is so rosey and happy and cheerful, especially here on the farm, for all our visitors sake.  But we have to deal with reality sometimes and reality has it that animals die.  We found Bandit, our Beloved Bandit, dead in the field this month.  Blossom is devastated, as well as both Tyler and I.  She was our baby, born in our arms, and it's just too much to even talk about.   

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