Sharon Sloan
Tyler Hutchison
Bodhi (Golden)
 and Amma (Boxer)

Cabin Cove Farm
34 Cabin Cove Road
Leicester, NC 28748

email -
phone - 828-683-1174

Llamas: Blossom, Maggie, JinQi
Alpacas: Tootsie, Sally, Flo, Shiraz
Goats: Meeshell, Hari, Frida, Studley, Mahlee, Rio, Ghondee

This is the 14th year of operation of our Asheville North Carolina Vacation Rental Cabin at Cabin Cove Farm. We love people from all over the country, and the world, visiting our farm. Tyler and I decided to become country bumpkins about 28 years ago and we have been working all this time to create this wonderful environment to share with others. Even the llamas, alpacas, and goats are happy to see guests. They know they'll get treats I guess. But when you talk to one of them and their eyes talk back to you, you just know they are happy to meet you. Blossom loves to kiss. There is nothing like a llama kiss. It's the sweetest most gentlest thing you have ever experienced.

Creating a setting for someone's vacation seems to bring both of us great joy. We are both in the service fields anyway, so helping folks out this way is just natural for us. Tyler is a Psychologist and Sharon is a Wholistic Animal Practitioner when they are not doing farmwork. When we bought our farm near Asheville 18 years ago, we had certain things in our minds as to what we wanted to do with the farm. When the cabin opened for rental 14 years ago, we knew it had all come together. So, now we get to provide a place for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, family time, reunions, girl get togethers, boy get togethers, and anything else you can think of, and just plain ol' vacations and get-aways. And folks get to bring their four-legged babies with them.  This was most important to us, to provide a place that everyone can enjoy.

We hope to see you some time soon so we can share this wonderful place with you!

Sharon and Tyler
and all the 4 leggeds

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