Come stay in a wonderful contemporary log home at Cabin Cove Farm, a Llama, Alpaca, and Goat farm, while you visit Biltmore Estate for two full days. When you come home exhausted from your exhilerating day, soak in a hot tub under the stars, feed and get to know the animals, relax.

No waiting in line to purchase your Biltmore Estate tickets. We will get you discounted two (consecutive) day tickets at this time of the year for only $54 for an adult, kids under 16 are free until September. 

You can't get these tickets on line or at the gate, only through "partners" of the Estate, which we are. They are two day tickets so that you can come and go on the Estate for two full days and the night between. You can see other places in Asheville and return to the Estate as you would like. We will reserve the tickets for you, make all your arrangements, you just drive into Biltmore Estate like you own the place. Imagine feeling like you own a house like that! :O))

When you fill in the request for reservation form, just let us know you want to go to Biltmore Estate and we will make all the arrangements for you. It will save you lots of time, energy, and money. We only offer this as a service to our guests, who we think are very special.

From time to time we offer Biltmore Packages. Visit the site often to see when that is happening. Our packages sometimes offer "free" Biltmore Estate tickets with your stay.

The latest display at Biltmore is Wedding attire worn in movies or by famous people.

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