Your vacation at Cabin Cove Farm will give you a tiny taste of farm life. Our North Carolina Cabin Rental is on our farm of just less than five acres of immaculate property. When you stay with us, we provide you with free vouchers for restaurants, attractions and events in the area to ensure that you have a wonderful Asheville, North Carolina mountain vacation. We also greet you with complimentary eggs from our beloved chickens. They are organic, free range, non-fertilized eggs - the best!  
Once you get here, you may not want to leave the confines of our North Carolina Pet Friendly Lodging- it happens a lot of the time. On your Asheville Farm Vacation, you'll find everything you will possibly need to create a perfect vacation-being here on the farm with our animals is just another great perk.
We have llamas, alpacas, and goats on the farm that love to interact with our guests; they are very people-oriented and are really our pets, not livestock. You are invited and encouraged to interact with the llamas, alpacas. and goats. We'll provide you with snacks to feed the farm animals on your Asheville farm vacation.  We'll also take you down the hill to meet them personally and help us feed them, with our supervision of course. 

The goats are sheared twice a year and the llamas and alpacas every other year; this
fleece is great for spinning or felting, and you can even buy some of it when you come.
Nothing feels like farm life more than picking apples from a tree and eating it right there on the spot. All our fruit trees and vegetable plants are grown organically; as a matter of fact, for the health of all our animals on the farm-and ourselves-we use no chemicals anywhere at our Asheville, North Carolina cabin rental.

There are myriad other ways for you to enjoy the raw beauty of the South here on your North Carolina Farm Vacation; you can picnic by the creek or relax in the meditation room in the barn. Reiki treatments for you or your animals are available for a fee and you can schedule craft classes (also a fee) as well; pottery, jewelry, or fiber. There is a complimentary craft corner in the basement of your cabin that the kids will love to use. We also have a game table that has air hockey, pool, foosball, pingpong, and lots of other games.  You can fly kites-games, toys and books are provided for little and big kids, and for four-legged kids too. And don't forget the swing set in the back for the little ones. And oh my, the hills are wonderful to roll down in any season. We also provide accommodations for your pets, so leave your dog and cat beds at home and travel lighter.
We've always wanted to have organic chickens on the farm so our guests could go down to the coop and get the eggs right from the coop to cook up in their breakfast.  We finally did it!  We introduce to you our new babies: Josephine 5 months, Rosemary 10 weeks, Penelope 8 weeks. We now have Gloria and they are all older now and lay eggs.  We will greet you with complimentary fresh eggs from the farm when available. They are organic, free-range, non-fertilized fresh eggs.  Yum!  

Leave your dog beds at home and travel lighter! We have large dog beds in the cabin for your convenience.....

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