Happy New Year!  We have great hope for this year and are happy to move on to the joys of the new year and put the sad ones of the last year behind.  The herd is stabilizing still but doing much better.  Studley is interacting more with the other members of his goat family, Blossum is still the Matriarch and wears it well, Jin is hanging out with others more and going off on her own a little more and feels lighter in her mood. Things are looking up and we are dealing with keeping everyone happy, healthy, and safe during the next few winter months.  Farm life is not easy and one has to remember to stand back and rejoice with what they have and what they've built to remind themselves this is all worth it.  Remembering the faces of our guests as they interact with the animals helps keep us going.  We have more animals than we have ever had right now and that means lots and lots more work.  The emotional part just comes right with it. Life comes and goes with such a large population and that's just the way it is. They all look happy and healthy right now. That is a relief to us.

Saw a remarkable sunset last nite.  Looked in the field and all the animals were just sitting there seeming to enjoy it themselves. One of those Ahhhhh, moments, where all of life is balanced and all is at peace.

Our neighbor has 11 new lambs!!!  Oh my gosh are they cute!  We get to see them every day since they are right next to us.  What cute little babies they are! 

oops, now there are 15. LOL


Goodness, you can hardly tell which are the babies and which are the mommies at this point.  Boy do they ever grow fast, unlike llamas and alpacas.  Even the goats were tiny for a much longer time.  But they are still ever so cute. 

Our neighbors are getting the bug for animals too.  Our little road has lots and lots of animals on it now.  Our neighbor next to us has the sheep, our neighbor on the corner got 2 new llamas hoping to have a baby next year, our neighbors behind us are back in the cow business and the cows come visit every day at the back of the cabin.  Our neighbor on the corner also has horses and goats.  So just on our little road, one can visit with llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, cows, and horses.  The folks across the street have donkeys.  I think we've just about got it all about now. LOL

Oh boy, spring is definitely in the air.  You can hear the coyotes every night now.  We're no longer concerned about them because if any come near they get charged by 7 very large animals.  They have enough sense to stay away.  We are thinking of getting chickens so our guests can pick their eggs from the nest but I can't seem to shake the fear that I would be drawing trouble to the field and put my big babies in danger.  I'm still thinkin' on it.  :O))

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!  spring has sprung!  No cold for at least the next 6 days.  Boy are we all ready for it.  The llama and alpaca kids are running all over the field, chasing each other.  Even ol' Blossum is getting in on the fun.  I love to watch it. 

I have been having so much fun watching the farm kids play and visit with each other and just hang out together.  Jin will be standing and looking around and then all of a sudden take off and charge someone near her.  It's hilarious.  Shiraz won't let anyone have a conflict, even if they are play fighting.  Blossum the llama and Meeshell the goat have been play fighting since they were young together, 12 years ago.  Yesterday was the first day in longer than I can remember they had a play session.  They were well away from Shiraz and she couldn't get to them so they had a ball.  They played for a long time.  They rolled their heads on each other, bit each other's feet, Blossum's long neck wrapped around little Meeshell and she'd have to get out of it.  It was just too much fun.  I just laughed.  The others were running all over the field chasing each other.  They were all in glee I tell you.  LOL 

Tonite I hear the sound of little coyote pups greeting the rest of the pack on the return to the den.  Awesome, even they are having new babies.  There's just something about spring that brings the romance out in all of us.  LOL

I love June.  That's the month of the bullfrog and the lightening bugs.  The trees are lit up like Christmas trees at night.  And the frog, oh my goodness, he lets it be known it's definitely spring!  He is so loud people I am talking to on the phone ask what is that noise!  I tell them it's the frog and they just laugh.  He's not afraid of anything.  Amma and Bodhi go right up to him and sniff him right in the middle of our walk and he just sits there. (He's huge!  He's easily the size of a large man's balled up hand.)  It's like they are his pets.  For that matter Tyler and I are probably like his pets.  LOL 

Oh my, the sky was just incredible tonight.  Stars, bright moon, clear, crisp, smells amazing all around me. The wood stove smells at night remind one it's getting to be a change of seasons.  

The colors were spectacular today.  My friend and I drove down to Arden and we were gasping and screaming all the way down.  It just happened to be on "Peak" Day and we felt so lucky to be out and about in it.  It was just all so magnificent.    

Today is the first day of December and that is the day we change the farm babies over to the Winter Field.  It's a big excitement around here because they are all so happy to move and explore a new but old familiar territory. Hahree immediately went to the Gingko tree and started rubbing his head and horns on it, Blossom immediately walked the fence line and started nibbling on the new grass.  Jin ran around like a crazy person knowing the place (she was born there) but staying curious.  The goats immediately went to the pine tree and started nibbling on it.  I loved it.  I loved watching the experience.  I loved watching their excitement and happiness.