Some days the chickens had to stay in the coop/aviary.  It was too cold and damp to let them out. I didn't want their little feet to freeze if they got wet.  Brrrrr.  Happy to say the other animals are doing well, their finding warmth and Tyler is feeding them very carefully and diligently to make sure they produce heat to stay warm. 

The Benevelders have started laying an egg!  Yaaay!!  Now we have all 4 roosting on the right side. I guess that's the side for only egg layers.  LOL  

What can I say.  More cold.  Seems like the whole country is cold right now.  Been playing a lot with fiber and having so much fun. One of our guests, Sue, has been taking off like a rocket making beautiful fiber pictures. We visited the fibermill in Jupiter and I'm excited to make rugs and other fiber things with our babies fleece.  

Went to the fibermill today and had so much fun on their felting machine.  I rented it for an hour and made placemats and hot pads and they turned out really nice.  I've been using my hot pad and it really works!  Haven't burned my fingers yet!  

We are starting to relax and enjoy the approach of Spring.  The fields are a beautiful green and flower bulbs are popping up everywhere.  Onion grass is high and we are giving that to the animals for little treats when we can find it.  They are so happy and playful you can just see they feel spring in the air. So do we and it is being greeted with great joy. The flowering trees are bursting at the seams.  Don't we all just love when Spring is in the air!  

oh my goodness, Jin and Shiraz were really rassling today.  They were all over each other biting and romping and pushing and shoving.  It was hilarious.  That little boy is quite the card.  He gets everyone moving whether they want to or not.  He rassles a lot with his Mom, Maggie.  He wouldn't dare go near Blossom  LOL   And Gondhi was just as bad.  He was head butting with Studley and Hahree couldn't keep out of it so he got in the middle of it all.  Yep, spring is in the air.  

My but we've been so busy I haven't had time to keep up with the "news on the farm" page.  I fell down our stairs in April and haven't been able to do much because I hurt my knee pretty badly.  Poor Tyler has had to do everything!  Well, I'm back at some work and it's taken some of the load off of him.  We've hired someone to clean the cabin for us, our fee for cabin cleaning is added on now, and she is doing a fabulous job.  Her name is Reyna and I am happy to announce her as our new addition to our business family. 

We purchased and raised 3 two day old chicks on May 20 and they are just about to go into the big chicken house. It was so much fun!  I love these little girls.  We put the brooder in our utility room so I could care for them without having to go up and down stairs.  It was wonderful having them so close. They are so adorable. They run to me and their food whenever I am around like I'm their Mommy.  Well, I guess you could say I am.  Lil is the really really smart one.  Goldie is the talker.  Sylvia is the big sister. Lil and Sylvia are silver double laced Wyandottes and Goldie is a Golden Comet.  Oh, so so cute!  I can't wait for them to meet Josephine.