The Magic of Cabin Cove Farm is not just about the beauty and feel of the land. It's also about the animals that live here and the ability to interact with them. This whole place is very animal oriented. That is why your four-legged kids will love this place. As soon as they drive up the road, as soon as they put their feet on the ground, as soon as they are able to smell the farm smells, as soon as they experience the wide open space all around them, they transform. I experience it as if they go back to their natural state. And to say they love it here is a vast understatement. I've seen dogs start to smile from the moment the car hit the property line to the moment they leave. We love it!

So this North Carolina Farm Vacation is not just for you, though we love having you here, this vacation is also their vacation. They get to go to camp - with their family!

To prepare them for their visit at Cabin Cove Farm , we simply ask that they be bathed, brushed really good, and de-flead before they arrive. Some folks like to bring things that are familiar to them so they feel at home, but they will also get a toy from us, have bowls to eat and drink from, beds to flop all over the house.

Because they transform, we ask that they have no physical contact with our farm animals and they be kept on a leash at all times outside their 3/4 acre fenced in yard. They will be able to quietly communicate with the llamas and alpacas and goats from their yard, but separated by a fenceway so they cannot have physical contact. We also ask that their barking be limited so that the llamas, alpacas, and goats are not frightened. They are naturally terrified of dogs.  Oh my gosh, do the pups ever love this!!! Your animal fee can be found on the Rental Rates page.

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