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Great Place! SG Super Hospitality! RC Heaven with a view! MK What a great way to celebrate my mom's b-day and father's day! Thanks for a wonderful break. J


Thank you for a wonderful stay. You have a beautiful cabin and we felt right at home!! We'll be back!! S



Thank you so much for the wonderful restful time we had in your cabin. It truly gave us the time and peace we needed. We hope to see you again in the future. May peace always be with you. EP Beautiful place. Great view. Cool animals too! SH



Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. We had a fabulous time - incredibly relaxing! Your beautiful, charming cabin offered a true retreat. Thanks again. PS



Thank you - we had a wonderful, relaxing honeymoon!! HJ I liked this house because of the animals. E



I liked this house because of the mountains. C



We had a great time here. Thank you for letting us use your cabin. The children loved feeding the animals and picking raspberries. We feel much more relaxed after this trip. DP



Beautiful cabin, Idyllic setting, gracious hosts...... What a fabulous combination! DW Very nice cabin - nice ambiance!! We enjoyed our stay. RWG



This is the first time doing this and we are spoiled now. We had a great time, it was a great place. The view is beautiful. MG



I had fun feeding your animals, making the fire, petting your animals, playing in the yard, and doing everything else here. J



Thank you for your hospitality. We had a wonderful time relaxing in your beautiful cabin. Our daughter became engaged while we were here! W



You have a lovely cabin. We really enjoyed getting away from school and work for a few days. And your goats and llamas are so adorable! Wish we could stay here longer, but its back to home for us. D Thanks for a wonderfully relaxing weekend. We loved the cabin. M



I loved feeding the goats and llamas and photographing the cardinals, blue jays, squirrels, rabbits, and woodpeckers. The Koi were neat too! BB



Thank you for this beautiful sanctuary. We hope to make it a home away from home from time to time. Thanks for the pottery lessons. J



Your cabin and the location are fantastic and we really enjoyed our stay here. R



This was such a great cabin for our "ladies retreat" week-end. We laughed, cried, remembering our childhood, all our happy memories and plans for the future, making more memories. Hope to be back and enjoy again. P Peaceful setting!! What a beautiful and comfortable cabin. The real world should be like this wonderful place. GB



Your cabin was a great home base for our vacation. The children actually wanted to come back to the cabin after a busy day. They loved the yard and the animlas. Thanks for putting up the swing! We will return home a lot more relaxed and full of good memories. W



Thank you for adding such joy to our family album. As we look we will have the fondest of memories. The animals added to the charm. The moon coming over the tops of the mountains and the fog rolling over the hills was very enchanting. Our family reunion was a great success! D



Thank you for making our annual "girls" vacation comfortable and relaxing. You've thought of everything, even a fireplace full of wood and ready to go! We will leave with more memories of an enjoyable time and comfortable accomodations. EB



Thank you so much for your hospitality and thoughtful touches in providing such a lovely home for a weekend getaway. We enjoyed the hot tub with ice on the deck around it and you'll still hear us laughing for weeks to come! BR



Your hospitality combined with the natural beauty of the area, and the peace and charm of the cabin, really gave us an experience to cherish. The animals are great and added a unique "fun" to our stay. JA The mountains were beautiful and Biltmore was spectacular. R We had a wonderful honeymoon. DE



I rily like staying hier because evry thing that you let us look at. C :) Dreamin of a place on the hill - that took two and made them one again.... DK



This is a lovely place to enjoy the outdoors and all the comforts inside. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. j&j T



We hope to be back! loved it... J,J,P,P,N



Man, I'd never expect for me to meet a real life llama. They're hilarious & cute. The goats are pretty cute themselves, especially the babies, whenever I'd come out side. They'd make their lil noise. I WANT TO HAVE A LLAMA!!!! The house was good itself, I wish to come back here again. T



Words cannot express how much I loved it. S Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us! Of all the places we've ever been, this is the best. B,G,E, and kids.



What a great weekend - this place is amazing, the perfect romantic getaway. D&H



Thank you so much. Loved the pottery, goats, and llamas! We are going to miss it here & hope we can come back soon. Kiss Frida for me. M,R,T S



We enjoyed our stay very much. The hot tub was so relaxing and the view awesome! M&C



We enjoyed staying in this wonderful setting. Thank you for welcoming us. This is a wonderful beautiful place. May God bless you both. Hope to see you again one day. J,D,L W



We had a wonderful 2 weeks in your cabin. This was soooo much nicer than being in a hotel! This cabin was a welcome retreat. So beautiful. Loved the yard and the kids loved all your animals, especially the little goats. F



When you wake up each morning you can't help but strap on your walking boots, throw on your rucksack to set out to explore some of the most stunning scenery anywhere on earth. And on your return when you're dog tired and your paws are aching there's the thought that the hot tub is waiting and the cabin is beckoning with all the comforts of home. PS. Our owners thing it's pretty cool too! O & H



Thank you so much for being so welcoming! The cabin is absolutely wonderful and the scene - fantastic! We all had such a great time! North Carolina is a beartiful state, we are so glad that we came to visit. PS The animals were so much fun! S&A&J&J



What an incredible week - Sharon and Tyler your home is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your special spot with us. Some of our favorites: quiet nites in the hot tub under the stars, feeding the animals, pottery lessons for the kids. The list could go on and on. I hope those who come after us experience the peace and rest we found here. R,K,M,N,C



Please remember to give lots of treats to Lou! He's always hungry! We return to Florida relaxed, rejuvenated and already planning our return. D,P,M,D,C



Big Lou, Big Lou What are we to do? You're butting heads to get more chew. If you could, you know its's true, you'd gobble a pot of alfalfa stew. Big Lou, Big Lou Here's a hint for you, When our next visit we do, Let the other critters eat, too! (Thank you for a memorable visit) J,J,E,C



I had a great time and feeding the goats was fun, and I liked catching fireflys and seeing the humming bird. A, M, S



Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin. Our honeymoon was perfect; cozy nights by the fire, sitting in the hot tub under a full moon, waking to fresh fallen snow. God bless you both. S,L



This is truly a tranquil setting. We loved the cabin and the beauty that surrounds it. The girls had a blast. They really enjoyed feeding the animals. My 6 year old stated "Mom wouldn't you just want to live here forever,," I think that sums up how she feels. Thank you for your hospitality. We;ll look forward to returning again. K,W,,V,N,M,F



Thank you for sharing your cabin with us! It was like being on vacation and at home at the same time! The kids really loved the animals and the hot tub. We enjoyed the evenings in front of the fire...and the hot tub. What a wonderful little place here in the mountains. Thank you again and may you be blessed for your hospitality. S,L,G,D



We had a great time here in Asheville. I'm so glad we came to this cabin instead of a hotel. We loved the animals espeically the pygmy goats. We hope to come back some day. A,S



I'm not sure how you arranged such a spectacular firely show 2 nights in a row- but great job! My vantage from the hot tub was, I'm sure, the best seat in the house.....This was the perfect way to celebrate my sister's birthday - our family really enjoyed the delightful setting - including our funny neighbors. (farm animals) Many thanks. K,P,M,M



Thanks for a lovely, relaxing three days. We especially enjoyed the idyllic setting and the dogs loved their yard! The atmosphere here evokes peace and tranquility. We appreciate your sharing with us. D,M, E



We truly enjoyed our stay in your beautiful cabin. We had never seen fireflys and at this wonderful place we were able to see hundreds every night. We liked feeding the goats and llamas and our dog will really miss the big yard. S,M,C,L,S



We all had a delightful stay in Cabin Cove. What fun to be in a real log cabin for the first time! The children as well as the adults, really enjoyed feeding the llamas and goats, and we all loved the evening with the birds, fireflies, animals, etc. What a peaceful, cozy place to get away from it all! B,V,A,A,L,A



Cabin Cove was a fluke find on the internet but what a find it was! M,C You cabin and farm are "GREAT!" Thanks for the catnip and a greaat home warming place to stay. Definitely will be back, had a great time. C,K



Thanks for a great time. We loved the animals and the pottery class. (not to mention the llamas!) We'll check the website for updates about spring babies. K



Back for our third (or is it 4th) visit. I woke up before the kids this morning and spent a long time gazing at your animals munching their way back to the barn. Wow, what a beautiful and peaceful place. Just an hour alone on your back porch and I'm recentered, energized and refocused - ready to take on our pack of little people who always "need things". As always the girls have had a blast being country kids for a couple of days; combing the goats, kissing the llamas and wading in the creek. No homework, no activities, no drama queen friends - just them, fresh air and a whole lotta time. Thank you for your perfect hospitality and for what you contribute to our family each year. S,C,C,C,A,S



this has been a trip I will never forget! We needed some alone time but this was more than I ever imagined! The sun is beautiful rising over the mountain side. Thanks so much. Ya'll two are the nicest people we could have ever met. We had a blast. R,K



What a joy it was to bring our 3 dogs on vacation with us! That, along with the wonderful cabin, view, and area attractions made this a fantastic, restful week for us! We will be back!!! I will also be telling everyone I know, especially dog lovers, about your cabin. R,A
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